Our pursuit of the most biocompatible dental materials available to reduce toxicity, has defined the way we deliver dentistry to every patient at Integrated Dental Health.

  • CEREC Technology

Have you heard about the revolutionary CEREC same-day crowns and veneers?
Now you get to experience it for yourself!

Introducing CEREC

CEREC technology harnesses the combined efficiencies of digital imaging, cutting edge 3D modelling and precision machine to create customisable dental restorations for all your prosthetic needs. What this state-of-the-art equipment offers is unparalleled speed and efficacy in the fabrication of lifelike prosthetic teeth and crowns.

Patients can look forward to better fitting prosthetics that conform more precisely to individual teeth structure for optimal comfort and aesthetics. Using the robust and durable all-ceramic materials, CEREC restorations are also biocompatible with natural teeth and look more realistic.

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CEREC has redefined the scope and accessibility of creating artificial teeth by allowing the fabrication process to be moved from the laboratory to inside the dentist’s office.

It is now possible for a dentist to take a digital impression of your teeth using a 3D imaging device, transmit the data to a software programme to study and refine the 3D model, before sending it to a CAD/CAM milling machine to cut the physical ceramic material down to the precise shape and size of the final prosthetic.

In fact, all these steps can be done within a single appointment! You not only get to see the results immediately, you save on the number of dental trips and related costs!

If you wish to restore the health and beauty of your teeth with improved speed, strength, durability and aesthetics, look no further than a CEREC restoration!

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What is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction. The computer-aided system utilises 3D imaging tools, sophisticated CAD/CAM modelling software and a milling machine to create customised dental restorations.

Renowned for its ability to produce same-day crowns, CEREC technology allows the dental crown to be prepared and fabricated within the dentist’s office. This allows the brand-new prosthetic to be fitted on the day of the impression taking. Patients are no longer required to wear a temporary crown while waiting a few days for the lab to create the prosthetic. They can all be done in one place – and very quickly.

Besides crown restorations, CEREC technology can also be used to produce inlays for the replacement of larger fillings as well as dental veneers.

Advantages of CEREC Restorations

As a high precision, digitally enhanced restorative system, CEREC represents the apex of modern dental innovations. Integrated Dental Health is proud to bring you this game-changing technology from the Sirona company.

Through our investment in this technology, you can now take full advantage of the convenience and advanced restorative results that come with the use of this system. Don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to experience the CEREC difference for yourself!

Obviously, you cannot give CEREC its due credit without discussing some of its most forward-looking features and benefits. Here are some of the benefits.

Preserves Healthy Teeth & Increases Lifespan of the Affected Teeth

The CEREC method also requires less grinding down of your healthy teeth, as opposed to traditional tooth preparation techniques for crown placements. Not only does this make your tooth preparation a less invasive procedure, you also get to preserve more of your healthy tooth structure.

Strong, Durable and Biocompatible

CEREC uses all-ceramic material that is renowned for its extreme resistance to wear and tear. The restorations are precisely cut from monolithic blocks of ceramic or porcelain material, which are also biocompatible, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant.

Advanced Bonding Technique

CEREC crowns are permanently bonded to the prepared tooth using a special type of resin cement. This advanced direct bonding technique requires only a minimum quantity of existing tooth structure to work. With the CEREC method, teeth that were previously considered to be lacking in structural mass may now be considered for crown restoration.

Speedier Treatments

Affording your dentist, the ability to create your prosthetic while you sit back on the dental chair is one of CEREC’s indisputable benefits. In fact, your CEREC dentist is able to complete almost any procedure that requires prosthetic teeth in one sitting. No more temporaries to wear. No more additional dental visits. CEREC gives you that ‘all-in-a-day solution’ that saves effort, time and money!

Beautiful Results

For all its practical advantages, CEREC restorations are able to win hearts solely based on their aesthetic merits. Whether you choose the ceramic or porcelain material, CEREC promises flattering restorations that mimic your natural teeth with uncanny likeness – right down to that translucent shine we all love!

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  • Swiss Air Filtration

iqairOur IQAir GC Series air filtration system has filters that not only clean the air to within 0.003 microns, but also remove all mercury vapor and other dental fumes at the time of your consultation.

Integrated Dental Health has invested in the best equipment for the safe removal of in-surgery mercury vapor removal.

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What is safe mercury amalgam removal?

Safe mercury amalgam removal aims to remove mercury amalgam fillings without exposing the patient to mercury vapour and particles during the procedure. Dental mercury amalgam fillings are a mixture of mercury, tin, copper and silver. They are very cheap to produce and have been used for a long time in dentistry. Mercury amalgam fillings are reliable, durable, resistant to decay and less technique sensitive during placement than more modern composite (white) fillings. Due to the amalgamation process chair side, mercury is largely contained within the filling and so it may not have significant clinical effects.

Why do some people not support mercury amalgam fillings?

It is generally accepted that there is no “safe level” of mercury for the body. Mercury is the second most common cause of acute toxic metal poisoning after arsenic and it is registered in the top 5 most toxic substances in Australia. For this reason, there are very stringent regulations on the use and disposal of mercury and mercury containing waste. Pieces of mercury amalgam filling cut out of your teeth are collected and disposed of as hazardous waste. Many believe that even being exposed to a small amount of mercury is too much, and so many individuals seek removal of their mercury amalgam fillings. It is a well-established fact that mercury is released from amalgam fillings due to chewing, brushing, tooth grinding, hot drinks, drilling and polishing. Unfortunately, dentists performing mercury amalgam removal and placement suffer more neurological effects compared to the average person; and we know that multiple organ systems may be affected by mercury. A major problem with mercury is that once it enters the body it is assimilated into the tissues and is extremely difficult to remove or measure. Furthermore, retention of mercury is cumulative over time, and in combination with other toxins, it may lead to toxicity and symptoms. Those who suffer with a sluggish bowel, constipation or poor liver function are more likely to have problems with toxicity due to poor excretion.
Disclaimer* This information should be used as a guide only. Please seek professional dental advice for your individual needs.

Our view

We at Integrated Dental Health believe that those who have mercury amalgam fillings in their mouth are most certainly exposed to more risk of toxicity than those who do not have mercury fillings. But there are risks associated with dental treatments. The safe mercury amalgam removal procedure is no different. Every time your tooth is drilled, structure is permanently lost and there is a risk of tooth sensitivity and even tooth loss. No filling material can replace natural tooth structure. The risks of elective safe mercury amalgam removal must be considered during a thorough professional consultation with your dentist. At Integrated Dental Health, safe mercury amalgam removal limits the chance of ingestion or inhalation of mercury by the patient – you, dentist and dental assistant. Our equipment and special techniques help achieve this. It is our opinion that antioxidants such as Glutathione GSH, and vitamin C, as well as chelating agents such as zinc may help the body to remove mercury from body tissues. We recommend you consider some of these supplements as you proceed through your amalgam removal, unless you are having this aspect of your treatment looked after by a GP or a naturopath. For complex cases, we refer to a highly-experienced GP for careful chelation using EDTA and or DMSA while supporting the body with mineral supplements.

  • Low Intensity Digital X-Rays

At Integrated Dental Health, we use digital x-rays to minimize your exposure to radiation. We are pleased to be able offer one of the latest diagnostic techniques using the Minray Soredex x-ray machine. We regularly upgrade our dental equipment because we know that advanced dental technology ensures more accurate assessments, which means a better solution for your dental needs — and your bank account.

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  • Rubber Dam Protection

This is a sheet of protective material that is placed over your mouth so we can only see the tooth to be treated, and it stops you from swallowing or inhaling debris from old fillings. It protects your lips, cheeks and tongue.

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