Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath Treatment

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Bad breath or halitosis is not a disease. In 99% of cases it is due to an imbalance of the bacteria living in the mouth and throat. It is best treated by detoxifying and cleaning the biofilm and bacteria in the mouth followed by a re-colonisation with good probiotics designed to live on the tongue.

The embarrassment of bad breath can be devastating, but fortunately it is easy to find the cause and subsequent treatment. Bacteria living in our mouths can break down proteins and release bad smelling sulphur waste. This can be exacerbated by proteins found in the coatings of our mouths and in our diets.

By eliminating the coatings from the mouth and throat that contain proteins and reducing certain proteins in our diet, we can help fight bad breath.

Treat Bad Breath Effectively

Treating bad breath requires the establishment of a good mix of bacteria in the mouth and throat. In addition to reducing certain proteins in our diet, there are two ways to combat bad breath:



A 30-minute consultation will allow us to conduct an Oral-Chroma test and measure up to 5 different gases that exist in the mouth. Of these 5, we are concerned with three main gases that cause bad breath. Upon identification, we can offer treatment solutions.


We offer a Bad Breath Recovery Program which is a complete system of clinically proven solutions to treat bad breath with products including KForce, Balance and Breeze.

Call Integrated Dental Health today to book an appointment by calling us on (02) 4708 7007.

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