Buteyko Breathing Workshop
February 4,2022

Did you know that the way you BREATHE can tell us a lot about your dental health ? Dysfunctional and mouth breathing habits have a direct impact on the health of your smile! Chronic mouth breathing has been linked to :

  • Problems with dry mouth and excessive thirst
  • Bad breath
  • Problems with enlarged adenoids
  • Changes in oral pH (making it more acid!)
  • An increase in harmful bacteria resulting in a predisposition to ...

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What sets our dentists apart?
June 22,2021

We know that when it comes to our relationship with teeth, nothing is ever simple. We all either have or have had a private battle with our teeth at some point in our lives. Whether it’s a crooked smile, yellowing teeth, or a long journey through orthodontic treatment. There is a strange comfort in knowing that most of us have had a point in our lives where our teeth have left us feeling a little down. You may be embarrassed, afraid or full of regret at having put off the d...

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Why it’s time to focus on your dental fitness
June 4,2021

Over the past few years, the health and fitness industry has boomed, and our society has become increasingly preoccupied with self-care as a means to improve our wellbeing. Once upon a time, the idea of being ‘fit’ was something specifically referred to in relation to the body. It conjured up images of cardio workouts and intensive gym sessions, sculpted muscles and that much envied ‘healthy glow’. More recently, the growing acceptance of holistic medicine and incr...

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A body and mind approach to overcoming dental anxiety
May 10,2021

It’s human nature to avoid doing things that we find confronting or scary. We all know what it’s like to put something off again and again, because we simply can’t bear the thought of doing it. Even if our rational mind tells us to ‘just do it’ and that it won’t be that bad, our emotional brain is louder, preventing us from taking action. I have seen this time and time again over the course of my career among patients with Read More

What is Holistic Dental Care?
April 8,2021

  Holistic dentistry is an approach to dental care which encompasses other areas of your health and wellbeing. Where regular dentistry looks at the condition of the teeth and mouth, holistic dentistry looks at the whole person. At Integrated Dental Health, when we talk about ‘holistic’ health, what we’re referring to is the mind body connection caring for your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It is underpinned by the belief that no part of the body ...

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Why we should all be embracing Ecotherapy
February 26,2021

By Dr. Henriette Macri-Etienne  “An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” – Henry David Thoreau I have always loved spending time in nature and my passion for nature and healthy living are deeply connected. Over the past year amidst the pandemic, I have found myself turning to the outdoors as a means of self-care more so than usual. My family and I have been enjoying hiking in the beautiful snowy mountains and more r...

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TMJ Symptoms & Treatment
September 7,2020

When should I see my dentist about my TMJ?

  • Do I grind/clench my teeth at night or during the day?
  • Do I frequently break fillings and they just don't seem to last?
  • Do I have a worn smile line, ground down canines and uneven wear on my lower teeth?
  • Do I wake up with a headache, stiff jaw or unrefreshed in the morning...

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Why Do I Need An OPG?
August 24,2020

Did you know why your dentist asks you to have an OPG X-ray (full mouth X ray) every two years? Much pathology can be missed without taking this big picture /birds eye view x-ray of teeth , sinuses, TMJ and adjacent structures. In fact we had a patient last week who presented to us for a second opinion regarding a dentigerous cyst associated with an impacted wisdom tooth. The patient had never had an OPG done despite a history of trigeminal neuralgia and seeing ...

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Creative times in dentistry – we are here for you
April 2,2020

Dear Friends of IDH, Challenging times call for creative and innovative ways of taking care of our patients and serving our community. We are all in this together and at IDH, we are committed to creating a unique level of care for your emergency dental needs in the coming months. As recommended by the Australian Dental Association, new measures to ensure your safety and wellbeing are being introduced at our practice now that Level 3 restrictions have been announced. Di...

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Video Teledentistry and Coronavirus
March 31,2020

What is teledentistry and how can we help you?

The future is here. Innovative technology is now available where the dentist can do a virtual real-time consult, offer advice and prescribe antibiotics if necessary. We can do this for you at Integrated Dental Health in the event of absolute quarantine and lockdown where staff cannot attend the surgery to deliver emergency treatment. If a patient is unwell or suspects Covid-19 and is unable to visit the surgery, teleden...

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