Google Review highlights – June 2019
June 24,2019

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Dental IQ Education
September 20,2017

Why is mouth breathing bad for you and what does that have to do with dentistry? You might have heard from our wonderful alternative practitioners in our community that mouth breathing is bad for you. For many years wise yogis have intuitively known that and have perfected many pranayamic practices to address this. Now modern science is showing us in more detail what happens when we breathe through our mouth, as opposed to our noses. For kids this can b...

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Is there a link between flat feet and jaw pain
December 15,2016

Could your feet be contributing to the pain in your jaw?

The answer is YES. The body is a very complex structure and each part is interconnected. The feet are the foundation or cornerstone of the body. If these are in a poor position the rest of the body will have to compensate and may suffer. There are 3 main issues that are seen to be contributors. Flat feet, leg length difference and poor big toe joint function. Flat feet: Flat feet is gene...

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Your Counter Staff
October 24,2016

We believe in gentle, friendly dentistry, knowing that for many people a visit to the dentist brings with it some level of apprehension. So we choose all our staff for their ability to see the world from our patients’ point of view — to be friendly, helpful, gentle and kind.

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Come and Visit
October 25,2016

As Katoomba’s newest dental clinic, Integrated Dental Health is blessed to have some of the most state of the art equipment in the Blue Mountains. You’re welcome to visit to see how we are set up and, we hope, to experience our friendly, gentle, holistic approach to dentistry.

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