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Until July 31, 2022, we’re offering new patients at our Canberra clinic a dental checkup including X-rays as required and a professional scale and clean treatment for just $90, saving $124 on the normal cost of $214.

Dental professionals recommend a checkup and scale and clean twice a year to prevent plaque and tartar build-up, protecting your teeth and gums from tooth decay and gum disease.

What is a Scale and Clean treatment?

Over time, and no matter how thorough your brushing and flossing routine is, your teeth build up plaque and tartar.

Plaque is caused by bacteria in your mouth and over time, it hardens into tartar (also called calculus) that can only be removed with specialised dental instruments.

Your dentist uses an ultrasonic scaler to gently remove these deposits, then applies a polish to your teeth to leave your mouth feeling fresh and your smile looking great.

This special offer is available to new patients at our Canberra clinic until July 31, 2022 only.

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About Us

Integrated Dental Health is a holistic dental clinic that has operated since 2015 in the Blue Mountains and now has a brand-new clinic in Canberra, conveniently close to the CBD.

We offer a full range of dental procedures for the whole family and specialise in gentle dental care for people with dental anxiety and those with special needs.

Our address: 5/16 Moore St Canberra 2601

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