MediPay Payment Plan

Do you have a procedure you need but can’t afford? MediPay Payment Plan offers easy payment plans for medical and dental procedures. Call them on 1800 810 950 or visit

How it Works

  • 10 second instant check. Instantly check if you’re eligible by going to
  • Easy online application. If you’re eligible, you can complete their online application in under 10 minutes.
  • Decision in 60 minutes or less. They’ll email you in less than 60 minutes with a decision.
  • They pay your doctor directly. Once you’re approved for your plan, they pay your doctor directly and securely within 48 hours. You just have to tell them when.
  • No hidden fees or charges. They’re 100% transparent and upfront about their fees and charges. No hidden charges added later.
  • They’re serious about your privacy. They use the same secure systems and practices as many of our major banks – ensuring your information is safe.

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