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Do you enjoy playing sports? Protect your teeth with a custom-fitted mouthguard!

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A custom-made mouthguard should be considered an essential part of any sports kit for both adults and children who participate in any contact sport or activity where there is a risk of facial injury. Mouthguards for children are vitally important for the protection of gums, jaws and teeth that are still developing

Mouthguards do more than protect your teeth from being knocked out, chipped or fractured by a heavy blow; they protect your gum tissue, tongue, lips, cheeks and jawbones. A professionally fitted mouthguard can also help prevent sustaining a concussion.

Integrated Dental Health works with Briteguard Plus® mouth guards who are at the forefront of mouth guard technology and we will customise a mouth guard for you or your children in a variety of colours efficiently and cost effectively. A well-fitted mouthguard will allow you to speak and breathe easier than an over the counter “boil and bite” one that offers only minimal protection to your mouth and smile.

Masterminded by dental industry leader Sportsguard Pty Ltd, Briteguard Plus® is the first cross-polymer metallocene catalysed mouthguard material manufactured in Australia.

Incorporating ground-breaking improvements in energy absorption to lessen the risk of orofacial injuries, Briteguard Plus® laminated mouthguard material provides an impressive high impact strength 30% greater than mouthguards manufactured in traditional

What type of mouthguards should I use?

A mouthguard is a protective dental device that can be used to help prevent dental injury during contact sports. By acting as a protective cover for your gums and teeth, a mouthguard can significantly reduce the risks of injury to your mouth. The device is known by other names, including: bite splint, occlusal splint, night guard, gum guard and gumshield.

Mouthguards for sporty children and adults

Both adults and children can use sport mouthguards. Although they are commonly recommended for those who take part in contact sports, they play an equally protective role for non-contact sports. The use of mouthguards is encouraged for a variety of activities, including soccer, rugby, wrestling, bike riding, surfing, handball, volleyball, martial arts, softball, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, skiing and horseback riding. In fact, wearing a mouthguard is a good idea for any sports that involves physical contact or where there is a risk of falling.

The use of mouthguards for your child or teen can potentially save them from time in the dental chair. Just by adding one extra step, it may be possible to prevent dental injuries like a chipped or knocked out tooth. Given that treatments for dental injuries tend to be more expensive than a professional mouthguard, mouthguards can be a way to save time, money and possible discomfort.

The three common types of sporting mouthguards are: stock, boil and fit, or custom made.

Stock Mouthguards

Stock mouthguards are pre-formed devices which means they are not custom shaped to the teeth. This is usually a lower priced item that is widely available in most sporting goods stores or departmental outlets. Since they are not created specifically to your child’s teeth, they might not fit as well as a custom-fitted mouthguard. However, these free-size mouthguards work well as additional protection for children who wear braces.

Boil & Fit

Also, readily available at most sport stores, the ‘boil and fit’ type of mouthguards typically have a closer fit than stock mouth protectors. They can be shaped to fit and are generally inexpensive. They work great with kids whose milk teeth are still falling off, as they can be re-shaped to conform to the changing conditions of the wearer’s teeth.

Custom-fit Mouthguards

Custom-fitted mouthguards are designed specifically for you, made in a professional laboratory and based on teeth impression data that’s taken by your dentist. This individually-made mouth protector can be customised to fit very tightly.

This can make it a more effective guard against injury. At the same time, it often affords the athlete a more comfortable fit as well as improved freedom to speak while wearing the device. To improve wear compliance, the device can also be made to varying degrees of thickness. They come in an assortment of colours to match school uniforms and preferences.


Dental splints are used to relieve the symptoms of teeth clenching and grinding, also known as “bruxism.” Worn during sleep, these dental devices are designed to alleviate the pain, discomfort and wear that can result from bruxism.

The most commonly used therapeutic device for those with bruxism is the full upper mouth guard/splint, also known as a bite plate. By holding the jaw in a more comfortable position, the bite plate can help reduce teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

TMJ/ TMD (Temporomandibular Joints/ Disorder)

TMJ refers to the joints of the jaw that connect the lower jaw bone (mandible) to the skull. TMD refers to the blanket term that covers any pain and dysfunction associated with the said joints and related jaw muscles.

The type of mouth splint used to treat jaw clenching is known as the NTI. Unlike the full upper mouth guard or bite plate, the NTI is worn only around the upper front teeth and its main function is to deprogram the jaw and stop the grinding habit itself.

We Customise Long Lasting Mouthguards for your Protection and Comfort.

Are you or your child protected from a potential sports injury? Integrated Dental Health offers custom-made mouthguards to help reduce the risk of dental injury.

Integrated Dental Health provides mouthguards that are tested for durability, comfort and resistance to wear and tear. Since the mouthguards are designed to be worn on your teeth for long periods at a time, they must be made of high quality material and conform to oral hygiene standards. We make sure that all our dental devices are easy to clean and minimise speech and/or breathing impediments.

Whether you are a parent, coach, teacher or PE staff, our friendly dentists can offer your child the best device and protective solution. We offer mouthguards for every situation and are able to customise the solution to your specific requirements and needs.

Does your child grind their teeth? Did you know this often amounts to an underlying breath problem in children and requires further investigation.

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