Periodontal / Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease can present itself with a number of side effects of varying intensity, from bad breath and bleeding gums to complete tooth loss. As far as dental health problems go, it’s one that certainly should be prevented from the outset, or at the very least dealt with as early as possible to stave off any further permanent damage.

If you’re looking to prevent your gum disease from worsening and turning into the more serious periodontal disease, seek immediate gum disease treatment from the professionals at Integrated Dental Health.

The Different Types of Gum Disease

Arguably the most common of oral health infections, gum disease is the result of the build up of plaque between the teeth and below the gum line. Plaque is comprised of bacteria and its toxic waste, and it forms whenever we eat or drink. It’s vital that we clear away any bacteria through brushing and flossing, as plaque that remains can cause the gums to recede.

In its milder form, known as gingivitis, the symptoms will typically present as bad breath or slightly bleeding gums. However, if gingivitis is left untreated, it can develop into the far more serious periodontal disease. Periodontal infections can result in the loosening and movement of the teeth. Without periodontal treatment, this can eventually lead to tooth loss, with expensive restorative procedures needed to help you get your full smile back.

The Importance of Undergoing Periodontal Disease Treatment

The importance of periodontal treatment for people suffering from severe gum disease cannot be understated. If ignored, periodontal disease can result not only in the loss of teeth but can lead to other health problems as well. Due to the absorption of gum disease related bacterial toxins into the blood stream, periodontal disease has been linked to cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes.

Periodontal disease treatment options range from the basic to the advanced, starting with a deep scale and clean – despite how far the gum disease has progressed. This clears away any bacteria found beneath the gums. Once that has taken place, the next stage of periodontal disease treatment is to clean the affected tooth or teeth using special laser treatment or root planing.

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