CEREC Crowns

Many people already have, or will require a crown at some point during their lifetime. A crown can protect and restore a tooth damaged by disease or trauma, preserving your natural tooth.

Conventional crowns often take two or more weeks to make, which can be inconvenient with today’s busy lifestyles. Recent advances in dental technology mean we can provide you with a beautiful crown – a CEREC crown – while you wait.

Your new crown will look natural, will feel comfortable, providing you with an aesthetically pleasing smile that is custom-designed to enhance your facial features. You can leave Integrated Dental Health with your new crown firmly in place, so there is no need for a temporary restoration and you will not need a second visit, saving you valuable time without compromising on quality in any way.

How Does CEREC Crown Technology Work?

With this system, we will still prepare your tooth in exactly the same way, carefully shaping it to remove all damaged areas and to ensure your new crown will look and feel wonderful.

The next step is slightly different. Instead of taking a traditional tray impression, we will take a digital impression by scanning your tooth with a tiny camera, a process that is quick and comfortable.

Using 3-D modelling, our dentist will carefully design your new crown before sending this information to our on-site milling machine. Your new crown is then milled from a pre-shaded block of porcelain while you wait.

Once finished, it is characterised and polished so it will blend in beautifully with your natural teeth, before being fitted and cemented in place.

A More Comfortable Way to Receive Precision-Made Crowns

We find CEREC is particularly valued by patients who struggle with conventional tray impressions as the procedure to scan your tooth is non-invasive and very gentle.

CEREC creates precision-fit crowns so you will receive a high quality, long-lasting restoration that will protect your tooth. We can also use this technology to create strong and beautiful ceramic fillings, all during just one appointment.

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