If you are unhappy that your tooth loss condition has left you with a ‘gappy’ smile, why not consider getting a denture as a substitute for your missing tooth or teeth? Dentures are essentially false teeth that fit snugly over your gums to restore the appearance and healthy function of your original teeth.

Gaps left behind by missing teeth cause more than just embarrassment but potentially create problems with speech and eating. They also give rise to irregular growth of neighbouring teeth that may grow or shift into the voided space at awkward angles, causing future problems for the tooth loss sufferer. All these problems can be avoided when you opt for the teeth replacement solution that dentures provide.

The team at Integrated Dental Health are committed to preserving your natural teeth to the best of our abilities. When our dentists have exhausted all the treatment options to retain your natural teeth, we offer dentures as the best possible alternative to resolve your tooth loss condition.

Dentures are specially designed to fill the gaps and replace your missing or diseased teeth. They are custom created to fit in your mouth cavity based on your precise measurements. More than just a cosmetic teeth replacement solution, all our denture services are aimed at improving your overall dental health and appearance.

Katoomba’s Denture Experts

We offer a comprehensive range of denture solutions at Integrated Dental Health in Katoomba. For professional insight into what will work best for you, you can speak to one of our dental consultants.

If you are suffering from having one or more missing teeth, we have a denture solution that is just right for you.

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What Types of Dentures Should I Go For?

Here are some of the different types of dentures that cater to a variety of tooth loss conditions:

Full or Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are used to replace an entire set of teeth on either the lower or upper jaw. The back of a standard full denture is placed in the roof of the mouth, sitting just behind the hard bone. Standard dentures are able to achieve impressive stability and retentive strength due to its maximum load spread across a larger surface area. Stability depends on the hardness of the underlying tissues while top denture retention is achieved by suction.

Immediate Dentures

As the name suggests, immediate dentures are placed immediately after the patient’s teeth are extracted. They are actually constructed prior to the extraction to serve as temporary dentures – while the patient waits for the standard dentures to be made at a lab. As they are fitted over the bleeding sockets after extraction, immediate dentures also provide patients some form of pain relief and protect the exposed sockets during the healing period.

Partial Dentures

If you have only a few missing teeth, partial dentures may work better for you. This type of prosthetic is often recommended for the patient who has lost one or two teeth due to an injury or accident.

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