Fillings & Amalgam Removal

Preserving your natural teeth requires good dental habits, including daily brushing and flossing. But however rigorous your dental habits may be, decay is inevitable. Whether due to age or physical injury, the strength of your teeth will deteriorate. When this happens, fillings are often required to replace lost tooth structures and restore appearance.

Fillings are tailor-made to accommodate the patient and are designed to last for years, but they can eventually require replacement – especially if the filling is an amalgam filling, which can contain hazardous elements that may affect your health. At Integrated Dental Health, we use state of the art technology to ensure safe amalgam removal that allows for safer and more effective materials to be used instead.

How We Can Help

Amalgam fillings can release mercury over their lifetime, which can be hazardous to your health. While amalgam is nowadays rarely used as a filling material, there are still many people who have them in their mouths.

Following successful amalgam removal, we can provide replacement fillings for your teeth. This includes CEREC ceramics, which are more durable than other conventional materials. They’re also less susceptible to wear, last much longer, and have lower failure rates. They can be implemented during a single appointment and are tailor-made to your specifications.

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