Dentistry for Headaches & Migraine

Headaches can be debilitating at any time, whether you suffer from them once in a while (perhaps due to dehydration) or endure them on an almost daily basis. They can seriously impact on your quality of life and cause you to lose your sense of focus when you perhaps need it the most.

Did you know that your teeth and jaw could be contributing significantly to your headaches? If you would like to be rid of the debilitating pain once and for all by seeking chronic headache treatment, make an appointment with Integrated Dental Health and take the first steps towards claiming your life back.

Seek the Right Course of Action for Your Headaches

It’s important to understand the type of headache you’re suffering from before you can treat it. Headaches come in various forms, such as tension-type, migraine, cluster headache and chronic daily headache.

Thanks to decades of research, each type has been discovered to be related to problems in the functionality of the teeth as well as the joints and muscles in the jaw. Therefore it makes sense that treating a headache of this nature would require a different course of action than a headache caused by lack of sleep or hydration would require.

For tension headache treatment or chronic migraines treatment that’s effective at alleviating pain, call Integrated Dental Health today on (02) 4708 7007 (Katoomba) or (02) 6249 8551 (Canberra).


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